Quad tours

Adventure on four wheels

Quad tours
Adventure on four wheels

The ATV is a device suitable for exploring forest roads equipped with a popular explosive engine.

Our base has several 2021 CFMOTO ATVs.
During the tours, our tour guides provide an insight into the beautiful landscapes of the Harghita Mountains, riding along forest roads.
The tours start under the guidance of a tour guide, after training and mastering the operating bravery of the machine.
The vehicle may only be driven by those who have a valid “B” category driving license! The ATVs are for 2 people, but we only start the tours if you rent a minimum of 2 ATVs! Max total load capacity: 200 kg/quad!
Pre-registration is required!
  • 1. The experience of novice adventurers: (1 hour tour): The tour provides an insight into the beauties of Ivóvölgye.
    Tour price: 300 lei/ATV (Price includes two people)
  • 2. Varság tour: (5 hour tour): During the tour we will visit Székely Varság and see the waterfall and lookout tower in Varság on forest roads. On the occasion of this adventure, starting from the base, touching Sikaszó, we reach the waterfall in Székely Varság and then the lookout.
    In the second half of the tour we will also visit the Zetelaki Reservoir.
    Tour price: 750 lei/ATV (Price includes two people)